A place for games and other very serious things.

Here we are, another blog on the Web.
Rest assured, I have no intention to keep this place updated regularly, but I feel that a point of reference for the games we (as me and my designing partners) are building might be due.
Reasonably, there will be three main types of post here, provided that I'll manage to write three posts at all:
- Theoretical ramblings - There's much to say about pretty much any aspect of game design. sometimes the mathematics and logic involved is underlooked, and we can't allow that, can we.
- Prototyping and Battle Reports - Mostly pictures of shiny new tokens, boards and figures on the table.
- Updates on Products and New Releases - Likely the only reason you're here reading this.
That's all there is to say for now, stay tuned for anything that'll come!


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